Devoxx 2016 – Top Talks Overall

As every year, attends from Devoxx can vote for the best presentation and here is the list Devoxx 2016 Top 7 presentations.

Flying services with the drone by Krzysztof Kudrynshki and Blazej Kubiak

4,9 with 140 votes

Declarative Thinking, Declarative Practice by Kevlin Henney

4,7 with 146 votes

Make CSS Fun Again with Flexbox! by Hubert Sablonnière

4,7 with 103 votes

Reactive Programming by Venkat Subramaniam

4,7 with 207 votes

Twelve Ways to Make Code Suck Less by Venkat Subramaniam

4,7 with 289 votes

How Google DeepMind conquered the game of Go by Roy van Rijn

4,6 with 165 votes

Java Language and Platform Futures: A Sneak Peek by Brian Goetz

4,5 with 162 votes

Devoxx 2016

Devoxx has yearly reached a very good quality as conference. Not just speakers that are the best on their field but also in the event organisation.

This year was not an exception to the rules and it was great. Of course there was a big problem to arrive in Kinepolis as Antwerp is having a lot of road works at the moment and around the facility was a disaster. Nothing that could be solved with some extra time in the bus stop or leaving home early.

Every year we have a main subject that is brought to Devoxx as second stream to the main Java theme and this year was Deep Learning. Just a remind that last year was the year of IoT.

Here a list of some of the presentation that took my attention:

Advanced Spring Data REST

by Oliver Gierke

Presentation of how to use Spring Data Rest using spring-restbucks. Youtube

Artificial Intelligence – the (near) future of software development

by Jedrzej Osinski

Artificial Intelligent as a Black Box. An explanation of what it is moving to AlphaGo and the Future. YouTube

Using Machine Learning to Enhance your Apps

by Sara Robinson and Mete Atam

An overview of Google Cloud Vision, Speech Recognition and Natural language API. YouTube

Optional – The Mother of All Bikesheds

by Stuart Marks

An excellent talk on how to use Optional in a good way. YouTube

Java Language and Platform Futures: A Sneak Peek

by Brian Goetz

Brian discussed some possible features to be added in the next Java releases. YouTube

All presentations

You can find all presentations at Devoxx YouTube Channel.

Devoxx 2017

The official release of Java 9 is scheduled to Q3/2017. So at this time next year JDK 9 may be out. That means a lot of discussion on new functionalities and of course the biggest one of them: Project Jigsaw with Java Modularisation.

Looking forward to it.